CallMiner develops is the leading developer of speech analytics solutions that deliver near real-time customer intelligence from recorded conversations.  CallMiner provides a complete and accurate understanding of the content, context and purpose of the entire conversation and of every call, enabling companies to discover why customers call and how agents respond.  With the knowledge of why customers are calling and how calls are handled, CallMiner enables companies to improve customer service, enhance agent quality, increase sales and impact marketing effectiveness.
Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Southwest Florida, CallMiner quickly established its market-leading position in the speech analytics arena - providing Fortune 100 companies with comprehensive solutions, and best-in-class call recording, workforce management and CRM partners with differentiating technology.

Celsia Technologies is focused on the research, development and commercialization of next-generation cooling solutions. The company was founded in 2000 to address the emerging heat problem that now threaten the development of higher-performing microelectronic products. Celsia Technologies is a United States corporation headquartered in Miami, Florida with office in San Jose and Laguna Hills, CA as well as Taiwan and Korea.

DataBanq Media is an Internet technology company specializing in the network of informational websites, business directories, search engines and publishing platforms.  The DataBanq Media Network provides consumers and businesses with high quality content, tools & resources while establishing vertical segmentation for advertisers to reach customers on a cost per acquisition basis. The company's ability to connect to advertisers with relevant online customers, both globally & locally, make DataBanq the preferred marketing channel for advertisers looking for high quality, low cost customer acquisition.
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IZEA is a next-generation, Web-based social media marketing company.  Comprised of properties including PayPerPost, Zookoda, Bloggers Choice Awards and RockStartup, IZEA aims to power everyone to value and exchange content, creativity and influence.  IZEA's current flagship product is PAyPerPost, the leading marketplace for Consumer Generated Advertising that connects advertisers and consumer content creators to deliver compelling marketing messages.

Persystent Enterprise automates support, proactively ensuring high performance and availability for enterprise desktops � without human intervention. As a result, support incidents fall dramatically and IT departments establish a new level of control at the desktop so resources can focus on strategic projects that drive growth and efficiency.

Proximities was founded in 2002 to address the problems caused by long lines, crowds, congestion and other sources of inefficiency and frustration at entertainment venues. Proximities provides innovative solutions that enhance the entertainment experience for all involved. Our solutions improve the venue�s bottom-line, make the employee�s job easier and more enjoyable, and provide a simpler, friendlier experience for the customer. The additional focus Proximities places on safety, privacy, and security brings peace of mind to all.

RedPath Integrated Pathology is committed to the early and definitive diagnosis of cancer. They serve pathologists, clinicians and patients by resolving diagnostic dilemmas. Diagnostic dilemmas occur in the context of incomplete information obtained from biopsy specimens using traditional pathology techniques and when cancers do not respond to treatments as predicted.
Visible Assets, Inc. is a private company created to serve companies needing full knowledge on their products' location and physical status at all times, from manufacturer to DC to end user. The VAI technology group has worked together for over 20 years, holds over a hundred patents, has designed and built dozens of industrial products and has won a number of design awards. The group is now applying the unique knowledge it has accumulated about RFID and magnetic induction to produce tracking hardware and software for the healthcare and other sectors with high value assets.

WiDeFi is a wireless technology development company, focused on delivering innovative solutions for rapid growth, standards based, mass market applications. Our network and client based solutions deliver improvements in wireless coverage, performance, QoS, power consumption and ease of use.

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